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Customer Testimonials

  • Astonished by the Service
    "I am astonished by the service I received here. Never have I been to a place where the employees are so casual and professional while being nice and fun to talk to at the same time. I was greeted when I entered the shop by the auto shop workers immediately. He ran me through different shades they offered.

    I end up going with 35% on the front windows and 5% on my rear windows for my dodge avenger (with lifetime warranty which was a plus!!). I am really pleased with the quality of work here and love the results of my car!! I would recommend these guy to anyone looking for high quality job. Thank you see mo cars !!"

    -Gigi W. on 4/28/2016 Yelp

  • Very Clean
    "Made an appointment to get my windows tinted.
    Paid $180 for my entire car which was 5% in the back and 35% in the front on my Infiniti g35.
    I went here on a Sunday and it took about 2.5-3 hours but there were also a lot of cars getting done at that time, so no complaints there. The whole dealership is also very clean and has open space so it's not like you have to wait around at some uncomfortable sweaty shop like most shops where they only have 2 chairs to sit and no ac in the waiting room (lol).
    Everyone here is so friendly too, you will feel very welcomed.
    After it was done the tint guy let me know that if there are any issues with the tint to come back and they will fix it no problem. I am so happy I love my car it looks so cute!!!!"

    -Tiana C. on 4/21/2016 Yelp

  • Excellent Experience
    "These guys are great!! I had an excellent experience working with Big John and Mo. After previously buying a used car in San Jose and getting the expected horrible treatment by used car salesmen, it was very easy to do business with SeeMoCars as they were extremely helpful and friendly.

    Their prices were quite fair and they didn't try and screw me over on my trade in. After test driving and feeling some vibrations in the car I wanted to buy, they worked out a deal to fix it and have kept their word on that end. I love the car I purchased and I'm still very satisfied with how much they have been willing to help me post purchase. I'm extremely impressed with their business honesty and straightforwardness. Would highly recommend to anyone trying to avoid the shark-like used car salesmen that are quite common."

    -Colin D. on 4/28/2016 Yelp

  • Best Car Buying Experience
    "JUST LEFT Mo's and this has been BY FAR the best car buying experience I have ever had! I have been looking for weeks for my dream car and finally, I found it at Mo's. I walked in having already found the car I wanted online. When I got there it looked much better than in the photos! Mo greeted us with a smile and a genuine handshake. When I pointed out the vehicle I had chosen already, mo and his team did not hesitate to pull up the carfax, along with multiple other requests. This dealership is a "certified Kelly blue book dealer", and Mo honors KBB prices. The buying process was quick and simple. Mo does not hesitate to get to the bottom line. WILL DEFINITELY be back for ANY of my future car buying needs!"

    -Brooke B. on 7/21/2016 Yelp.

  • Great Dealer
    "Great dealer! Went there and bought car for a good price. Then I noticed there was a few wrong things with the car. They told me to bring it the next day and we'll fix it. So I did and they uber me home. They care for your satisfaction"

    -Carlos A. on 6/28/2016 Yelp.

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